Our mission

Welcome to the site for inventors – INVENIO . This is a blog site that was founded by SYNTEO a long time ago.

Now in 2021 it is managed by Holik Studios Media Group. Here you can find more about our Sponsors 

This site is basically a place that you can meet a crowd of young inventors from around the world .

Moreover, this is the place in where the inventors , engineers and investors can exchange ideas and develop their own projects through grants offered by our sponsors.

We want to give young talented people an excellent base for further development and help in establishing cooperation with companies from around the world . We also want to help in the registration of patents.

Through our website we have created in a unique system for the exchange of opinions and the ability to share the results of their work to a wide range of scientists and businessmen from all over the world.

We work with universities, polytechnics as well as private laboratories which develop new technologies in the fields of electronics , information technology , biotechnology and robotics as well as modern medicine and diagnostics using the latest technology . We focus also on the problems of everyday life designing of inventions useful from the point of view of the daily life of the citizen of the world twenty-first century.

Furthermore, we have our own development and manufacturing unit for the development and manufacture of innovative electronic components, microprocessors, sensors and electronics.

The products and services we provide are continually updated with the latest technology.

In addition to the development of our own products and services, we also act as a consultant and also provide product development services for external clients.

Our site is non-commercial and free if you want to present your ideas , find an investor or announce as a potential investor – this is the right place. You can count on professional support to help in the implementation of your project.  Welcome to cooperate with us!

The editorial team

Sylvia Foster

Sylvia Foster is editor-in-chief of Invenio from the early beginning in 2013. Sylvia has an engineering degree and experience in running start-ups.

Privately, she loves cats.

Social media:

Agnes Lenny

Agnes Lenny is an editor and an administrator of WordPress engine. She joined us also in 2013.

Interested in video filming, finance and creation on YouTube.

Her personal profiles in social media:

Lukas Braxton

Lucas joined our time in 2020 after the site has been overtaken by Holik Studios Media Group. He is responsible for PHP coding, SEO strategy and other marketing activities.

His personal profiles:

Who needs projects like INVENIO

Our initiative was created from the bottom up and only later the vision of where our work can be applied was clarified. As the years of working on the project have shown – the main recipients of our work are R&D departments.

People who work with us often represent the staff of R&D teams or join them later in their carrier.

R&D is probably the closest application of the work and talents of the people who make up INVENIO.

What is R&D and how we could help each other

The research and development department (R&D) is by definition the cradle of innovation and the company’s success.
The R&D department should be based on what the company’s production has to offer – that’s where inspiration should be sought and the market verified. You have to start with establishing your specialization and the direction you want to go as an enterprise.

It cannot be a coincidence. You should soberly assess the chances of success in a given area, which should use the existing know-how of the company: machine parks, staff competences, production capabilities.

Only after researching, it is worth starting to build a research and development department. It is also extremely important to have a person with a vision in the team. You need a leader and a team of enthusiasts who can combine many different processes, optimize them and on their basis create new applications.

Our goal is to provide staff (we don’t like term human resources) that can be used to build the backbone of the R&D department.

That is why we gather the best specialists in our group and let them share their knowledge and ideas.

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