Unmanned aircraft protection of forests

We propose a solution to the use of unmanned drones powered by an electric motor , for example, quadocopters or hexacopters to can monitor large areas of forest and detect potential hazards such as fires and illegal felling of trees and destruction caused by storms and other natural disasters .

The idea is based on the created network of specialized landing being a base for drones patrolling the forests .

Due to the technical limitations of drone flight length and thus its range without charging design suitable arrangement landing . Grid landings would have to provide free traveling distance between nodes without the need for recharging . Project arrangement landings should preferably cover its entire surface area patrolled .
Loading batteries would be performed directly on the landing  bay.
The problem is the issue of supply sources landings . We propose use of high voltage transmission networks which are often carried out in the woods.

Network design landing can be made based on the theory of graphs and the traveling salesman problem.

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