Artificial Intelligence on Facebook or robots with emotions in social media – the benefits and risks

Many recent happening in the topic of artificial intelligence . We are not talking about an incredibly complex robots and unusual algorithms , which make a person is not able to completely distinguish the artificial intelligence of a real man.

This is a topic for many parts of articles, but it does not match to this chapter.

Issues like that mentioned above we will be in the science fiction section . Interesting similar issues , please refer here .

However, our discussion will focus on a little more primitive type of artificial intelligence , but giving a significant illusion when it comes to recognizing the authenticity of the call. The idea of artificial intelligence on Facebook – ie programs (also called bots , robots ) having the task to carry out interviews with users of the portal.

These discussions can be carried out on other sites , but due to its popularity , Facebook definitely excels in the amount of bots , which can be found on the internet.

 Basic principles and methods of operation of robots engaged in conversation

Let’s see how the classic robot works . Well, the principle of operation is quite simple and is based on a few dozen or a few hundred (depending on the severity of the bot ) expressive relationships that the program attempts to correctly interpret and indicates the most suitable answers. For example, if you write to such a robot “hello “, the most suitable answer, chosen from dozens of available spectrum may sound , respectively , for example, “hello , ” hello ” ,” how are you “, ” how are you “,” write later , I can not talk now . “

Profiling robots than “can talk”

It is worth noting that for every robot you can assign specific profiles . Profiles can involve multiple planes . For example, we can set that our robot was a woman in the mood depression , was a lover of flowers and animals as well as listening to classical music. Equal to the best we can do with such a robot man , which is currently in a good mood , he likes fast cars , motorcycles , working in the construction industry and listening to disco music.

From the selected profile will depend on what kind of response will choose a bot . When the mood is depressed will formulate a ” do not want to live “, ” why did I not go ,” and the like , and will result in a good mood joyful answers, narrative pieces, publications joyful music, and so on. Operation of the robot , of course, not be based solely on the conduct conversations with other users of the portal. It can also take place through the publication of relevant statuses , corresponding to the profile of the robot and his current mood.

The dynamics of the robots development – public talking

 Works created on the principle of one week to become , interestingly, more and more intelligent . Take into account many parameters dialogue by man. They can , for example, on the basis of the interval between successive messages sent to suggest that someone is thoughtful, his are occupied with some important issue or is just busy and can not talk , then suggest the completion of discussions at a later time.

Typos commonly repeated by the user may suggest to him that he is shocked by something , absorbed , or just simply in a hurry. It can also be inferred from such a way of writing some degree of embarrassment . Profile of the robot can be dynamic , that is, vary according to the interests declared by the user . For example, if the profile of the robot there is a clear record of saying that he only listens to electronic music , not tolerating other species , it can change your preferences .

This is the case when talking suggest that he only listen to rap and is not considered a different genre of music . Such action is to establish a relationship between the robot by talking with him. Today, the level of sophistication of these programs is so high that some are in talks for weeks , not at all realizing that we really are talking to a machine, which is just a collection of dependencies and algorithms.

The benefits of using software robots

What would be the benefits of such robots ? There are several of them

The first reason for the use of such robots can help you succeed is that such programs can result in tens or even hundreds of calls in parallel and do not require the employment of workers. The corresponding profiling can give us a tool that in the case of many hundreds of users will be advertising a product or service , of course, within reason , subtly , when you have the appropriate relationship with the user .

This method is so good that you do not like intrusive advertising banner displaying the entire page or forcing us to click on links , so that we can go to a department . The entire process takes place slowly , of course , under the control of , and anchoring the brand may be far more effective than in the conventional advertising methods .

Another benefit is obviously positioning. The talks will include an appropriate amount of keywords as well as important links that are sure to consolidate the position of the address in your browser.

 Risks associated with the robots usage

Well, as you can guess, there are a few risks arising from the use of such robots. Firstly, if the user finds that it is not dealing with a real human being , and properly programmed robot , content communicated by him will lose their authenticity. In the case of promotion of any brand, product or service by means of such a bot , it may be that we have lost credibility. There is also a chance to establish a deeper relationship between the user and artificial intelligence .

Very often it happens that users of social networking sites or chat rooms , and other themes are lonely people who do not have sufficient courage so that their social life could thrive in the real world. Internet and ways to communicate with the network become for them a kind of window on the world , a tool to make something even in a small way resembles a real , sincere and deep interpersonal relationship .

However, the boundary between the virtual and the illusion of knowledge of true friendship is very thin . After a while, you may find that you are not aware already the case, it completely lost in a person who turns out to be only a computer program . The consequences of disclosure of the truth can be very sad and even tragic. This refers to the deep , long-lasting and ever deepening states of depression , total isolation from social life , even greater difficulties in establishing healthy relationships , prejudices to the people and even suicide attempts .


Artificial intelligence applied to social media is growing day by day . We are not able to predict the severity of this technology , which we achieve for several years . It’s a pretty good chance for the realization of the vision of writers and writers of science fiction , where we will not be able to distinguish the human from the robot , and the machines are not only tools for marketing operations , but will want to live their own lives and create a completely separate society .

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