Changes in modern cars – as modern technology and the Internet affect the automotive market

The automotive market has changed dramatically over the last several years. There are new cars , new solutions and amenities binding to facilitate use and increased security holder of the car and other road users.

Secondary market and trade cars online – the benefits of development

“When it comes to the automotive market in recent times really increased in popularity trading via the Internet . There are many online portals through which you can purchase any of the required car model . It turned out that today the vast majority of people who decide to buy a car , chooses just this form of transaction. The reasons are many . First of all, the consumer has the choice of a very extensive offer . Proposals cars are posted on the internet with astonishing frequency , and the models that were regarded as inaccessible and unique today can be found in every major auction site . Advanced car search systems make the client can precisely define the parameters looking car. The game consists of both specific brand, model names and vintages range , drive type , Displacement type options air conditioning, ABS and airbags . With such capabilities search engine we are able to very specifically and accurately filter out interesting offer us . Seller will summarize very good quality cars , and even movies . This allows you to spend many hours reviewing offers for cars, trucks , two-wheelers , trailers and even air and water vehicles .

All this makes the availability of offers increased dozens of times over the last several years. Commerce on the Internet, thanks to the issue of customer opinion, contributed to the reduction in the number of scammers who offered vehicles in the admittedly low prices but have hidden flaws . A huge number of users who use the services offered on the Web auction sites quickly unmasked rogue traders , sifting market and reducing the number of impostors to a minimum.

When it comes to spare parts, also in this field has increased considerably the possibilities . We have access to the least popular , least of key vehicle components , engine parts or pieces of equipment. Intense competition makes sellers compete in offering ever lower prices while increasing choice of goods . Today, it makes more problems acquiring parts for you once you had a few days to ride after many automotive shops , often away from home or wait for the execution of the contract , even a few weeks.

After selecting the parts and the payment of duties on the customer account after a few days by courier receives a packet with a desired commodity. Fans tuning are also ecstatic . There was a lot of engine parts , chassis and other recent trends that thanks to the internet can see the light of day and be available to drivers immediately after manufacture and launch of the .

 Targeting different vehicles using GPS

In the past , when security systems were still not very developed, and car thefts far more common , big problem was to protect the car from thieves . Of course, used more and more new alarms and security locks, however, and it did not stop the thieves from the continuous theft of cars . The revolution came with the spread of access to the Global Positioning System – GPS for short . In the early years of the development of this technology, it began to be used primarily for prompting drivers where they are and in which direction to go now . Over the years, there were more and newer devices for satellite navigation. They were getting smaller and smaller , becoming cheaper and more functional . Maps became more accurate and traveling ceased to be a problem even for those who have problems with orientation in the field. The GPS system was also used in security systems, auto theft . The new cars placed in inaccessible places special small transmitters which would need to be able to announce the stolen items means of transport . The technique went even further forward and with the spread of so-called smartphones available programs , so your phone can become a GPS transmitter . Often mounted such phones in the car not only , or to protect them from theft , but also check the route , which runs unfaithful spouse or employees control the transport company . If such a device was connected to the car battery and wrapped in a specially designed enclosure , in order to reduce mechanical damage being able to arise from shocks or sudden changes in temperature .

Planning a route optimization stops

GPS transmitters used in cars today can be used in many ways. One of them is to plan a path . Dedicated software checks the possible connections and on this basis determines the optimal route of the journey, taking into account user-defined objects . This could be , for example, storage for your supplier , hotels and petrol stations next to the road. With this tool, route optimization is simple and fast, and can be adjusted in real time based on changes in the itinerary or other top-down arrangements .

 Avoiding traffic jams, road traffic control

“On the basis of traffic measurement devices , messaging and satellite data device can read the traffic on the routes to determine such , where the intensity is lowest. This saves fuel and time that is designed to travel not allowing the designated limit has been exceeded . They are currently working on developing a special scheme designed never to confuse and sharing traffic data in a fast and reliable. These solutions significantly contribute to the growth of passenger comfort and reduce the time what she needs.

Optimization of travel time

“The two systems above lead to the creation of the next system . This system, based on calculations of the length of the road, measuring the height of the terrain, the engine capacity ( speed , power ) within the vehicle and measuring the intensity of traffic accidents on the way to take into account and specific atmospheric conditions would optimize travel time . This system would take probably transport companies , where this parameter is of particular importance .

Self-steering cars

Scientists from various technology centers develop projects a car that will not require a person to his conduct or the remote control . This is a concept completely automatic car. The vehicle is to be equipped with suitable cameras , including infrared to analyze the trajectory of the vehicle. The vehicle has to overcome adequately pre-programmed route, take into account any interaction with other traffic , weather conditions, lighting levels and other parameters having a significant impact on the management of motor vehicles . Such a solution would probably significant drop in road accidents involving people, thus increasing the level of safety for those who travel on the road. The system would be very elaborate , in order to avoid absolutely any shortcomings when it comes to driving a motor vehicle

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