HyperFlow – AI analitics moved to next level

According the IPA new startup called Hyper Flow has a chance to become a breakthrough product in the field of combating money laundering, fraud detection and financial activities in the field of know your customer.

The term HyperFlow is a combination of two terms: fist is the hypercube – well known  from the Business Intelligence and OLAP domain and the second part is from the TensorFlow a Google Machine Learning library that is know widely used on the Deep Learning and AI products design.

HyperFlow claims to be the first widely offered platform that joins the BI and AI in the modern way with real time stream analyzes and unmanaged machine learning.

The main domain of application is the AML / CTF, fraud detection and the pattern recognition. The main website of the project is under European domain: hyperflow.eu

Here in Invenio  blog we will be we will be closely watching this new promising technology and when we get something more, we will certainly publish a wider article.


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