The futuristic AI automated hotel building

Do you remember Hotel Raven from the Altered Carbon series (based on novel of the same title by English author Richard K. Morgan), where artificial intelligence in the form of a Poe hologram was the central controlling entity?
In the show that was obviously fictional, the AI took the form of a human played by Chris Conner.
As it turns out, work on autonomous hotels is already very advanced. It is true that this is not the level that the series presents, but we are getting closer.

Today we will show you some work that has been done on this topic and we will try to answer the question: Is the fully AI hotel possible to build real World?

The subject of autonomous service buildings, which include hotels, is not something new, but recent work on this type of facilities has been greatly intensified.
Of course, this is due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the closure of facilities operated by people.

It is not surprising that many entities invest in this solution. In turn, research centres at technical universities conduct research and develop technology that helps to start this type of autonomous buildings.

The start-up company for hotels solutions is aiming to have a global presence by late 2021. In addition to offering self-service hotels and accommodation facilities, the company will also offer “smart and intelligent” products and services, which will include:

  • “smart” door locks and automatic lockers;
  • mobile KIOSK to check-in and customer experience
  • “smart” doors and lockers;
  • automated payment and credit card transactions;
  • smart payment and credit card transactions; • payment gateway that integrates with the company’s mobile payment system and payments and loyalty program;
  • smart payment and loyalty program;
  • secure access to the company’s cloud data for its business-oriented digital transformation and business analytics services, including the ability to identify transactions that are illegal and illegal transactions;
  • cloud-based financial reporting, which includes a customer management application; and,
  • mobile app for clients and visitors.
  • an innovative mechanism for the delivery of meals and drinks

The company plans to offer self-service hotels with all-encompassing smart and intelligent products and services, such as the company’s cloud-based financial reporting and mobile app.

This will enable self-service hotel operators to offer their clients’ preferred service options and services more efficiently, and to offer a solution that is more relevant to the customer. The self-service hotels would then help consumers and hotel owners better plan the best and best experiences they want to experience.

Forecasts for the automation of hotels and intelligent buildings during the COVID-19 pandemic

You can read about the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the acceleration of work on the development of this technology here.

The self-service hotel industry is expected to bring up to 40% to 45% of all hotel room revenues to hotels by 2040, says the Rating & Review Consultancy report.

The self-service hotel industry is also set to become a significant industry across the country. The report further highlights that the sector will have to offer hotel rooms more quickly and more efficiently in order to provide customers with the best experiences.

The mentioned Consultancy Group’s report also highlighted two key areas to achieve its ambitious vision of a global self-service hotel industry.

The first is the integration of the self-service hotel industry into India’s e-governance and information technology systems. This means integrating self-service hotels within the country’s e-governance and information technology systems and connecting people in and out of the hotel industry to the digital information technology (IT) sector, which is in turn creating an opportunity to integrate and improve the service.

The second is developing a “smart and intelligent” self-service hotel business model that will bring the benefits of the services and products offered by the company to guests at each of its hotels across the country, including by linking the hotel guests to the hotel’s smart devices and cloud storage services. This will enable the hotel’s management to focus on improving the performance of all guests, and to ensure an efficient customer experience, as well as the hotel’s.

A new automated method of delivering meals at the hotel

Methods of safe, hygienic and aesthetic meal delivery by robots and vending machines are considered by food technologists and engineers

While the issues of checking in, paying or opening the door in a hotel room can be easily solved using an application on the phone or a touch terminal – the possibility of ordering meals and drinks turns out to be quite a big problem.

Engineers and designers analyzing the possibilities of launching a hotel restaurant with the possibility of ordering ready meals – without the participation of staff – such as waiters – concluded that this was possible with the use of machines similar to vending machines.
However, in the case of a hotel restaurant – we are dealing with a much more complicated device – which should complete the complex meal and give it to the person concerned.

Work on this type of device has been going on for a long time. There are, for example, machines for baking pizza or hot dogs.

The ongoing pandemic will probably accelerate these works and soon we can expect the first restaurants – not only hotel ones – operating independently – fully automated.

We will certainly follow the designs of robotic and automatic hotel restaurants and will be happy to get back to the topic when design companies showcase working prototypes and their functions.

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