Methods for the use of new transport technology

Transportation is undoubtedly one of the major issues affecting the economy and other aspects of the economy . A State which has an efficient communication network to grow faster . Trade has a positive effect on the development of the economy and prevents the onset of recurrent waves of crisis. We know , therefore, that it is worth investing in technologies that will contribute to the development of transport and the need to develop new ideas , so that quality of service is elevated to missed so far level .

Modern tram transport solutions

Now look at several solutions used in one of the most popular means of public transport . It is namely very popular today trams . Low floor – the first aspect. In most cities are already used low-floor trams . Among the many existing tram systems , low-floor no longer has just a few cities in the world . Where this technology has not yet reached already contracted to low-floor wagons . Low floor is true greatly increases the cost of the tram because of the complexity of its construction , but makes the vehicle more friendly and it is easy accessible for all passengers , including mothers with strollers , people with disabilities and limited mobility . As a result, all new tramways , ordered in recent years around the world , are at least partially low-floor . Even used cars are put into operation are rebuilt so that one member was a low floor . Another aspect of the design is long articulated trams. In Germany or Hungary, operated are long – up to 54 meter long vehicle ( it is a Siemens Combino in Budapest ) . Long vehicle means a large passenger capacity , and therefore a large number of passengers falling on one vehicle and one driver’s . This is particularly important in increasing the participation of wages in the cost of operations of transport companies .

In addition , the articulated vehicle is facilitated even distribution of passengers between different parts of the tram. The driver has facilitated oversight of the entire vehicle. Disappears also the problem of the last door of the second or third composition, for trains trams Konstal 105Na of chamfers in the rear part of the body . Standard tram stood out raceways running in the roadway . This resulted in a sharp movement disorder trams and cars. When congestion has obtained more and more considerable size , the trams were losing their appeal .

Construction of a separate track from the road or lane only for trams or buses provide transport preference and competitiveness for the shortest time . Vehicle tram passing through the intersection during peak hours including one course can carry the amount of passengers , which over a hundred cars during several subsequent changes of lights. Hence , it is understood that the movement of trams was privileged . In fact, despite the fact that the numbers are absolute for cars, trams priority , the priority for trams do not give advice against automotive lobby .

While the cars are very disturbing cities are appearing every few minutes tram is able to co-exist in the urban area of foot traffic . Long articulated vehicle , traveling at a speed of at most a dozen km / h , does not pose a big threat and can be bypassed by pedestrians , who have to walk one at most a few steps or wait a few seconds. On the other hand , car drivers are often reckless for pedestrians and parked cars also occupy valuable space streets. As a result, in many cities in Europe on selected streets forbidden to drive your car , creating a pedestrian zone . In such places left or entered the trams . This ensures fast and direct access shaft transport from distant parts of the city to the busiest offices, institutions , shops and eateries. When the streets are filled with parked cars and cars standing in traffic , urban space functions much worse.

Remote-controlled drones as the future of many branches of business

Recently the great popularity of special vehicles moving through the air , controlled remotely – so-called drones . Drones have been used for many years in the army . Small , unmanned aircraft initially served as scouts functions , generating useful data about the locations of enemy forces , potential centers of defense and others. Then they began to perform the functions of battle – such vehicles are equipped with highly effective missiles , which were enormous firepower and aroused fear among opponents. As for the drones , which appeared on the civilian market , those were small, remotely operated vehicles , usually driven by a force of several propellers . They started to be used in many fields , including business. Drones used in the film industry when you need aerial shots or those normally performed by a tap of camera . Their costs are much lower, and the use of a much more extended than the static taps , rails or other devices supporting filmmaking . When it comes to transportation, over which we consider right here , there are many projects to improve the industry through these just drones . One of the first ideas was almost completely automate the process of ordering food by phone or the Internet straight to your home. In the restaurant or pizzeria , the base controlling the whole process , the module is receiving the contract or phone operator . Then , using available satellite maps, delivery address is converted using a simple program on GPS coordinates . Drone , comes in a package compatible with the order, upon payment ( by bank transfer or by bitcoins ) moves to the recipient. Is reduced in this way delivery time, because the vehicle does not have to contend with difficulties in traffic or to overcome circular routes . However, there is some problems relating to this innovative concept . First of all , Drones have limited range and can not compare to the conventional methods of delivery of the ordered goods with ordinary vehicles. Supported by the small size of the drone , which can not exceed certain values ​​, to be able to ascend into the air. Larger battery or a larger fuel tank would entail a considerable increase in the size of the vehicle and also an increase in the cost of its construction. There is also a problem with the maximum weight that the vehicle can carry . This is due to the need to increase the quantity or frequency limit order intake .

Drones as a tool in the hands of the mafia

With the development of the availability of drones and expanding their functionality , recognized the possibility of their use by organizations engaged not entirely consistent with the law . Such a vehicle may be used for transferring significant amounts of illegal money . Can also be carried documents and reports relating to illegal activities , where they can not be sent electronically .

Recently, a group of crime has gone one step further decided to develop a system for the distribution of drugs based on this created a special website and web drones , which have to deal with the delivery. Internet portal had to be completely safe by placing the server in an inaccessible location and the fact that the purchase of illicit psychoactive substances used a bitcoins. This allows the client sighting would be virtually impossible.

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