The latest technology in the textile industry – benefits, risks and controversies

In the future, the clothes are not just incase our body , adorn and distinguish us from the crowd. The development of technology changes clothes in intelligent companion who will monitor our body , enable communication , and acted as a personal computer .

 The first signs of a new era clothes are already noticeable. T-shirt for athletes recently developed by a company monitors heart rate , breathing and measures traffic generated during acceleration.

 Blouse new generation allows you to send and receive virtual hugs from anywhere in the world. Created concepts such as t -shirt acting like drums , sweatshirts and pants with video and music players , dresses that light up the surroundings diodes , change depending on what the surrounding sounds, and even the emotions present owner.

 Resulting from several years of use , however, inventions , especially from traditional technologies , which, despite the achieved results are not ideal for use in their clothes. Reduce convenience , the laundry hamper , require connecting an external battery .

 Therefore, we need new solutions . One of the companies that working on them is an American company MC10 . Engineers at the Massachusetts want to combine small electronic components with flexible hoses and store in a flexible material such as silicone . In this way, for example, have created various types of sensors that can be hidden in the fabric.

 Cooperation with the MC10 has already established one of the largest producers of sports clothing . The aim is to provide a sports clothing that are watching the heart rate , blood pressure , pH and pressure sweat generated at the joints .

The real change can bring a new kind of electronics they are working already learned . Speaking of electronics based on soft organic polymers instead of a hard and brittle silicon. The team from the Belgian research center IMEC has already developed organic microprocessor, which can be bent . Its computing power is small, it can be compared to the power systems of the 70’s , but this is just a prototype . Even in its present form , with power comparable to the possibility of agreements with the 70’s , for example, could process data from sensors monitoring body or control a simple display .

Flexible screens is another objective pursued by the engineers. New materials such as graphene or the use of so-called . quantum dots can allow their construction . This would be the invention is ideally suited for use in electronic clothes.

Used every day devices can completely change your character . Japanese scientists have created a fabric that works like touch screens . Its fibers react to pressure and conduct electronic impulses . Only one step to the keyboard sleeve. The MIT created a soft fiber that can receive and produce sounds. Item of clothing will then be able to become a microphone or speaker. If in the near future in the salons of mobile phones will be able to buy a sweatshirt and jeans , do not be too surprised .

Electronic circuits , rigid, flexible , or sewn into clothing need electricity. Pinning batteries for sweatshirts or t -shirt is not a practical solution. The implementation of completely new ideas coming up but great strides . The MIT is working on battery sewn into the fabric . Drawing on the construction of bacteria attacking the virus , researchers from Massachusetts has constructed the most important element of which is the battery electrode. Stanford University created while polymer solar cells that can not only bend but also extend as much as 30 percent . They are designed with a view to supply artificial skin sentient robots , but there is nothing to prevent a sew them in a jacket or pants. Another solution is called . Piezoelectric fibers . They produce electricity during bending . Sewn into the material could generate a voltage on the move. Over their use of works , among others. NASA.

Technical achievements can make new clothes will have the possibility of which today it is difficult to even speculate. The Princeton University , for example, formed on a flexible organic laser and stretchable substrate. Surely there is a way to make this and similar inventions used in the garment future in a way that will surprise us all .

Another interesting concept of the use of the latest technologies in the textile industry is a very controversial project to create underwear for women, which would supposedly protect against dismantling in the case when a man has an evil intentions. It works on a similar principle as the clothing described above . Let us design a bra , created in accordance with the previously mentioned assumptions. In place of the front of the garment , where they connect to the bra cup and the back clamp which normally occurs , a special type of latch is mounted in conjunction with a miniature chip. The chip is connected to a micro mesh disposed over the entire surface of the bra , and monitors the performance of the body in several angles. First, it monitors the heart rate . Second, check the rate and depth of breathing . Third is the amount of secreted sweat , and analyzes its density in terms of the substance contained therein . Commonly available scientific publications , which describes a condition in which a woman subconsciously react to a potential lover pure intentions and can instinctively recognizes and learns about the reality of that feeling. In the case where there are no such reactions , after all, is a woman and take the unwanted decision – on impulse , often regretting it later . Underwear made ​​in this technology is to prevent such situations . When activated, it will be impossible to unfasten her bra or download other parts underwear if micro chip does not detect the corresponding parameters occurring in cases when a woman feels really something . This solution has several drawbacks, because the situation can happen when a woman’s body gets unwanted symptoms in the moments when she did not expect perfectly . This technology is still probably a lot of flaws and it will be a long time before technicians , scientists and engineers will lead to a satisfactory level of development of the underwear.

Scientists working in companies producing clothing for athletes competing in concepts to improve the performance and characteristics of the athletes. One such project is the recently developed a shoe for the players , whose secret is the proper shaping of the sole , designed to impact on the relevant points of the meridians . The objective is to obtain a free maneuverability effects on foot in order to increase the specific capabilities of the player . It is an innovative mainly because it performed in this manner produces shoes for each player separately. It depends on the individual functions and is used with a proper strategy. That’s what shoe should put a player decides to set the match. This technology is being tested , but it is already clear that there will be available to the very rich clubs , because the execution of one pair will probably cost about a few thousand dollars . Similarly, the football shirts that are made from new, innovative materials and are to make the player will be much lighter and thus faster and more maneuverable . They cause a special nano tubes placed at the seams as well as in several other locations shirts. This concept has not yet reached the stage of testing and it is unclear whether it will check in practice , and also not yet been determined in detail the cost of producing the shirts.

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