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Internet dates and alcohol problem – introduction

There’s one thing everyone knows: it’s not that easy going on a first date or dating website: no one really likes to see anyone they’re dating get drunk. But a new study by researchers at the University of Cambridge shows that even the most casual dating site can be more difficult to maintain a low level of alcohol tolerance when it comes to people, especially young people.

They found that while drinking and being on a first date or dating website was generally regarded as more desirable, drinking and meeting a friend, even in the early 20s, was still viewed more favorably by people who were dating.

“Our findings are interesting, because we are now starting to see a change in attitudes towards alcohol and dating, and we hope to see similar changes in the future,” said lead researcher Dr Andrew White, from the University of Cambridge’s department of economics.

“We can see that a first date or dating site is less attractive for these young people if they have a heavy drink. In our study, we used data from the UK Longitudinal Alcohol and Drug Screening Project, which is the first longitudinal study of UK dating experiences.”

Researchers used the National Longitudinal Alcohol Epidemiologic Survey (NLES), the UK’s official national survey on alcohol trends between the ages of 15 and 24. They also used a range of other indicators, including questions designed to identify drinking behavior, as well as online surveys for the study.

As part of their study, White and his team conducted the analysis using data collected between 2005, before the introduction of the NLES, and 2015, after the introduction of the UK Longitudinal Alcohol Epidemiography Survey (LAGE) in which drinking was measured over a four-month period.

White noted that the study’s key findings are:

  • Younger people generally report being more likely to be more satisfied with drinking behavior once they’ve started dating someone
  • Most of the people who met the participants reported having had at least a small amount of drinking by this age
  • The most frequent drinking behaviors among those aged 18 to 21 were going to parties (18.1% of women and 18.6% of men), and being drunk with family members (21.2% of men and 20.1% of women)
  • The most common drinking behaviors among those in their 50s were drinking with friends and family (26.9% of men and 26.5% of women)
  • The study also looked at the impact of alcohol on relationships through a range of scenarios, such as drinking or not.

Innovative app that prevents from drinking to much alcohol on dates

This special app can help you to select best match for you personal preferences. If you are going for a date and you want to meet someone special for you – it can easy calculate the percent chance of success and good relationship.

The studies show simple correlation – if you are bored or disgusted on a date you drink more alcohol which could lead to addiction.
Thanks you our app you will be able to decrease the risk and an alter will be shown on the screen if you drink to much according do WHO recommendations.

No more wasting time for boring dates or hangover

This app will help you to determine if your partner would be a great match for you or not. It will give you information regarding the most ideal partner based on the amount of alcohol in your blood. The user will be able to easily find the person in your life with the most potential and a high sex drive.

The app is the best app ever, this app makes people realize how many times they wasted time on other people. We make them feel like an idiot by not giving a f**k about what they would do or what they would get to do. It’s a really great app.

Here is what the beta users say:

I’m looking for a good, good person and when the app is on I can choose the one I really want to marry. That’s great because it makes it possible to pick the right person at random. My best friend just got in for his first date and while he was getting in I was waiting outside. When I saw her, I knew she was the one.

When looking for a great partner for me, I look around for some good, good women. In other words, I search for guys who are attractive and will do what I want.

For example, for me, I am into a woman who likes to party. She likes to have fun and I’m not into the physical or the sex. She is into all the stuff I like to do – so, I’m looking for that woman that I can really spend time with, be it on a date, or in the company of her friends.

I’ve had several bad experiences with guys when I was younger and I still love them when I meet somebody new. I’ve seen some men that do not care about the relationship or what I want and they just get into bed with me. I think this app would help me make sure my future wife stays with me.

Alcohol misunderstanding – do not be fooled by false activity caused by drinks

This app can tell you if you are more likely to be attracted to the people you meet. The more times you drink the more your chance of attracting someone you want to know more about.

Here are more reviews from people that has been using it for some time

My husband and I were going through some bad things with our relationship, one night he started going out with friends for a few drinks and the next day we were in town on a date.

After about 2 days of having fun on his date he came on my date night and said he would date me if he had some more drinks. I didn’t really expect this to come out of nowhere so I thought he meant it the next time and we went out again 3 days later and he kept saying no, but we did date again. When he got home from work in the late evening that night I woke the next morning and he said he was gonna go out with me tomorrow night. I was worried that he would have some alcohol in his system and maybe a little bit too much to drink.

I didn’t want to go to that party and I was still having the hangover. So I decided not to go and went to work the next day to get ready. That evening as we were leaving I asked him about how I felt and it was pretty much the same. This app would be super helpful in finding out if you’re the kind of person that would be in a relationship with someone you like.

I know many men are attracted to women who are not as interested or as beautiful as them. The app is great for that, it will not let you down and it makes sure you find a person that you will spend more time with. The people will get what you are looking for and you will have a better quality night life.

I think this is one of the best dating apps you’ll ever find and will help your dating life go a lot smoother. The app will give you the chance in every dating situation and in many of the types of relationships it will help you choose the ideal man for you.

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