Miniaturization in the production of the newest devices

We all remember the days when a computer with sufficient processing power for us occupied half of the desk.

Alternatively, almost all of the space under the desk. At the same time the monitor was of such an extent that sometimes it was necessary to carry out a small revolution in the system of objects on the desk so that it can fit on it . We remember the facilities in the form of pull-out shelves for keyboard and any other fancy design office , which were designed to make the computer occupies the least space .

Of course, here we ignore the presence of even older days when the only solution was to hook the computer to the TV (which then occupied more space and displays the image in black and white) , and a computer to join a number of different pointing devices , reading and more. Another drawback was that the data storage device – carriers , were the most common large size of the floppy disk , cartridge and the other not to leave much room for maneuver . The era of miniaturization was coming slow , but long strides .

Recall the device to play music – first gramophones , phonographs , weighing several kilograms .

Large tape recorders , which over time became smaller. Finally, the first portable stereos , portable CD players later, of course . People tended to miniaturization primarily there to make your life easier and leave more space for other items that they wanted to put in a home. In time, blew up the notion that the greater the size of the device , the more complicated and must do better . Increasingly, it was thought that miniaturization is the epitome of technological progress and the process of providing the latest technologies used in the construction.

Some models of the first laptops had a folding keyboard, which decreased at closing. At the beginning they were clunky machines that with modern laptops do not have anything in common. Now look at the old mobile phones . There was a tiny little gem , which are today’s phones . They were long and heavy machines that require large batteries – because one of the reasons for the large size of the installations was just nonexistent developed battery manufacturing technology .

Phones have substantial weight and it was hard to fit it in your pocket. Today the market is very different. Just take a look at a number of devices. Let’s start with laptops. Ultra thin device , weighing several hundred grams, batteries of very small dimensions at the same time giving the opportunity to operate for an extended period of time. Miniature liquid crystal displays . Compact structure design of processors. Speakers on the surface of several square centimeters.

Mobile phones have displays with extremely high resolution and the batteries last a very long time . The computational power of processors exceeds a few hundred times the possibility of old desktops.

What is the next step of miniaturization ? The researchers have already developed several projects latest devices whose size is really impressive small. One is a computer of the size of the watch. It has a miniature connector through which we can hook it up to a big TV.

Another project that computer also includes the built-in camera that allows you to display an image on a wall available to the user . The keyboard is displayed on a table using a second projector and reads the press on each key . It is one of the most advanced technologies that are available today for all of us. Another project is a project of a mobile phone which is composed of three very small part – these are bands that we found on the smallest finger of the left or right hand , thumb and wrist .

Miniature bands contain very small integrated circuits and microphones and speakers .

Founded on the thumb strap acts as a speaker , a band founded on the little finger is a microphone , and the band that attaches to the wrist (it is a little wider than the previous one ) is the ” brain ” of the entire device , and converts body heat into energy. This makes the phone never needs charging , it works always , when we assume the elements on hand. Display and keypad dialing is done using a special display of the widest pop band , acting on a touch screen.

The next project is a prototype phone mounted on glasses. The whole is displayed on the lens , and devices such as a microphone and speaker are suitably miniaturized and placed near the left ear. What will surprise us with scientists in the next coming ages ? There were projects of miniature motors that draw energy from the earth’s magnetic field . Unfortunately, it is not clear how they are to operate similar projects . The engine is to be placed in two-wheeled vehicles .

Miniaturization also reached medicine. Apply miniature pacemakers, implants replacing your hearing. Recently one of the laboratories reported to the public , it started working on nano – a robot that is able to automatically repair a damaged tissue, and (apparently) annihilate cancer cells.

Miniaturization may prove to be a key element of the revolution army. For a long time there are rumors about the alleged miniature drones that could reach the enemy base undetected and can , thanks to a load of poison with a very high concentration eliminate a large number of soldiers. One such flying killer rumored to destroy about 50 soldiers by injecting poison. The whole attack must , however, take place in conditions of poor visibility , and assume dormant vigilant soldiers.

Even if the soldiers detect the presence of such a robot , its destruction is very difficult because it moves with extremely high speed. Post miniaturization in espionage is obvious – thanks to her spying techniques are much more advanced .

Wiretapping , cameras and other devices today are certainly basic equipment of every spy. You could say that if it were not miniaturize all the apparatus , raising espionage to the present level would be impossible. What else will bring us the progressive miniaturization wave ? Well, you can draw many hypotheses on this subject, but one can be sure – it will not continue indefinitely . I think that it will become a reality one theory saying that international organizations will soon begin the final stage of miniaturization – Miniaturization – genetic biological human species.

Needless to say about the benefits of such a solution . Natural Resources ends and place on Earth , where he could manage the human species is becoming less. Reducing the physical size of a man is, therefore, a lot of benefits – solved is the problem of world hunger and endless amounts of natural resources . Just by appropriate genetic modifications lead to a gradual reduction in the size of the man. Opponents of this theory argue their case that such a change , even if it were possible , would require too much time to carry it out .

During this time, the world , and so drain the longer its natural resources , so he starts the whole process would miss the point . Another argument is the possibility of genetic mutations , which could in turn lead to a complete elimination of the human species.

One thing is certain – though miniature vision of humanity can terrify , it miniaturize devices available to man certainly has repeatedly facilitated his life. It’s hard to say what path selects the caravan of progress.

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