Use of the symptoms of mental illness in computer graphics

They live among us. Often we do not realize that a neighbor, friend or someone in our family belongs to them. Mentally ill we use to associate with the dark rooms of psychiatric hospitals. With an overwhelming aura of hopelessness, with barred windows, old, dilapidated walls, dirty windows and sheets and sadistic nurses. The term “mental illness” evokes in us such associations as hopelessness, tragedy, despair family. And no future. History shows, however, that despite appearances, the occurrence of such disorders in humans does not necessarily mean a total loss of enjoyment of life and the impossibility of a normal existence. Many cases proves that sometimes the disease can activate unprecedented possibilities in humans. Scientists for some time use unusual abilities that occur in people affected by the disease. Interestingly, they involve a directly with the latest technologies, which brings us the twenty-first century.

Many of us could probably ask yourself the question – what can be a common man sick of schizophrenia and the latest three-dimensional image rendering technology used in computer games? At first sight these two issues have no together any common denominators. But. It turned out that the developers and designers of large corporations working on developing of computer games have found a way to diversify created worlds, and also opened up new opportunities for the people affected by this disease.

But first, let’s look at same schizophrenia as a disease. Contrary to popular belief, we can not clearly identify repetitive symptoms of this disease. Schizophrenia is often called “the king’s disorder”, as there are no two persons with the same symptoms. We skip here writing out the different types of the disease, because is a topic for a different article. We must, however, indicate clearly that one of the symptoms of the disease are hallucinations, delusions, visions and bizarre associations. Patients have a tendency to very detailed description of the image seen by them. They create associations, characters and stories that are very unusual and original. Some compare it to describe the experience under the influence of heavy hallucinogens. Patients are at the very fruitful and there is no danger of overdose because of all the visions and stories create up in their minds without any psychoactive substances.

At this point into action entered scientists who studied a group of inspired experiences with similar symptoms have decided to construct a very interesting device. In collaboration with graphic designers and programmers, who were involved in the creation of computer graphics programs created a tool to transfer patient on vision of the virtual image. The device consists of a monitor, the unit of account and the electrodes, which are connected to the operator’s brain. The interface reminds a little a map editor of some games, and the uses intensive interaction of brain waves and helps in transferring vision into screen. Basically, it reminds design of world. The device is constructed so that it can support a person who does not have a fully operating similar programs. All software is extremely intuitive. The machine is also equipped with a completely innovative “reader of words,” which in an unusual way he can move the description of the object or person on the screen. These technologies are still in the testing phase and is day-to-day developed, but results are satisfactory and there is hope for the development of all the tools for creating computer graphics.

The effects of the first tests of the device were amazing. Were compared worlds and characters created by healthy carriers and patients with schizophrenia corresponding potential profile of the wizard worlds. The differences were huge. So amazing, abstract and unusual lands could not create any healthy person. With the latest technology, rendering images really made ​​an impression. Interestingly, about eighty percent of patients using the device, other symptoms such as apathy, depression, significantly decreased or have been eliminated completely. Instead instill patients about the fact that their vision of the world is ridiculous and wrong, they were put in a situation where they could personally it create, move in a way that is visible to others. It was feared that It will deepen conviction of the rightness of their hallucinations, but the effect was completely reversed. Patients, looking at their world, realized of its existence, but only in the virtual dimension – thus convincing that in the real world would not exist.

So the machine was able to create, by means of which not only the peculiar creations are created but also help greatly patients. Also started work on a project that allows the creation of music in a similar way as the above device. Must be emphasized that not all patients were eligible for the effective use of the previous device. Some people were not able to control the interface, while some even addicted with this machine, which created a danger of losing the boundary between the virtual world and reality. Thankfully this did not result in exacerbation of symptoms.

From action of operators the machine with the working title “InCreatio” is supposed to be a game “Incredibelux” which will be released in the first quarter of 2015. It has to tell the story of a man who by coincidence got through interdimensional gap to another world and accidentally entangled in with seemingly nothing significant disturbance will have a significant impact on it future. The budget of this game is supposedly about seven million U.S. dollars and will be the first game that uses innovative solutions in computer graphics. Music have to take care of the most prominent composers, known mainly from the composition tracks the biggest cinema hits of Hollywood. At the same time is to show the trilogy about the adventures of character and a movie about the same. In creating the world took part in the six most prominent artists working with the device “InCreatio”.

Let’s hope that similar projects are popping up more and more often. Humanity should finally see the benefits that can be obtained in a seemingly hopeless situations. There are many of issues, particularly those concerning the human brain that can create a whole range of new possibilities. Use of weakness opens up new perspectives for people in advance excluded by society and allows them to create an asset with something until now considered to be weakness. Is known that, for example, mental illness often touched eminent geniuses, great and legendary artists. Not all of them, however, could reveal. Was contributed to the social circumstances? Or maybe an area of the brain that allows to crystallization brilliant concept has been so touched by the disease that he could not liberate any Creations outside? We do not know. But we know one thing. Every man on earth, even the sick, lame and not adjusted to life in a well-functioning society should get a chance. A chance for a normal life, making money, creating, opportunity for self-realization, to start a family and proper functioning. The mission of science should take into account their existence and put the test to help them live as one of the core tasks.

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