Use your smartphone as tracking device

In the era of technological progress and the ubiquitous internetisation and mass publication of personal data on the Web there is a problem still evolving surveillance. For a long time it is known that many companies use publicly available data for marketing purposes. Many people still do not realize how dangerous it can be the action. The Internet is a global network and placing any information about us threatens to them by people who may harm us .

However, in many cases, can be used for beneficial purposes and its use can help to solve many problems. For many years around the world operate various detective agencies . We use their services when you want someone to follow to find out the truth. Such agencies are very expensive , their operation is based on the use of extremely expensive equipment and effects often have to wait many long weeks. But it turns out that there is a simpler way – we can use it to start our own little private investigation.

Today’s mobile phone market is very developed compared with the previous year , and the pace of development is very fast. Nobody expected such high-tech devices like today’s smartphones . It is known that the phone loses nearly three-quarters of its ability, if you do not have a permanent connection to the Internet . Mobile operators compete with each other so the sharing of data packets , offering better and cheaper deals for their clients. Ability to browse the web , download e-books or music on the phone, and the ability to use GPS latter.

Most of the users of such devices uses GPS capabilities to locate the road. Today we have access to many maps, with a large number of maps is free . Large screens allow for free and easy to use navigation . However, there is one positive aspect about this extremely useful features of this device. Let’s say that our partner or life partner gives us grounds for suspicion . He disappears for days or evenings out and come back at night. This is explained by an excess of labor and responsibilities within the company. However, the phones work confirmed the worst expectations – it never was there.

What’s more , many times we listened to the translation that goes to family or friends , but subsequent checks only confirm that it is all lies. What to do in such an awkward situation? Solutions are few. The first , fastest and most radical solution is of course an immediate and definitive break all contact . However, probably most would prefer to have a more tangible proof or just explain exactly this mystery . Well, if the person has a smartphone (just the usual device running Google Android or Windows Mobile ) The case is very simple.

There is a software which allows tracking device in real time. What’s more , the application runs in the background , so I tracked the person does not realize that the phone in any way provides data on its position . Software as fifteen seconds the server sends the GPS coordinates . Just create an account on the corresponding website , integrate the device PIN to your account , and you get the exact route the device , drawn on the map. In this way, we will have information on the exact position of the device and even the average speed at which it moves.

Thanks to this simple program to solve the problem and we will enter into possession of precisely map the precise time data . This software is useful not only in the case of an unfaithful spouse or unfaithful wife. Suppose that our growing child disappears for days from home or simply want for his safety , to know where it is located. We do not need to hire a detective agency , to buy expensive , sometimes costing several thousand dollars bugs or wait for hours with binoculars in hand, hoping for a move.

Settle the matter discreetly installed software , such as when a child is in the bathroom and left the phone at home . There are also some other applications of this type of application . If you are the owner of the transport company and we accordingly important position in the company , we can perfectly be used for our purposes . Just equip the company cars in smartphones ( they can also be tablets, but only those that can access the Internet using pre-paid cards ) . Such a device equipped with a tracking application , enable accurate insight into the route object .

This will prevent cheating employees during the tour , extension of the road or other unfair practices . Smartphone -type device can also be equipped with software for trading field . Staff not take if suspected target acquisition devices placed . Such a solution is very convenient – no need to equip the car in complicated and expensive tracking systems , buy expensive software and learn how to use harsh programs.

Interface tracking in free applications is simple charts are transparent and requires no long- lasting training. On the basis of such software arose and created a lot of games field . This is an alternative to the classic multiplayer games or computer games, in which we can play only single player . Most of these games is based on similar diagram. Are collected two or more teams , each person in the team ( or any team ) have a mobile smart phone and start the game in different parts of the city .

Director of the game, or so-called Game Master sends the read coordinates of the corresponding tasks to individual teams or their members. In this way, we get an interesting play on the ground, which is an alternative way to spend time for long hours in front of a monitor. Some smartphone users still use it in the following way . With a few modifications to the power supply combine it with a car battery .

Tracking car by smartphone

The device wrap in a special housing that protects it from mechanical damage and sudden temperature changes . Some companies make such housing , which are made ​​of a suitable composite. They are also lined with a special anti-shock pad . Thanks to achieve universal transmitter that in case of theft of the car or having taken him by unruly children , it is very easily possible to trace .

There remains some question concerning the nature of the moral of this issue . Such tracking application available may meet with disapproval among many smartphone users . However, we must realize that in many cases such measures are necessary . Perhaps they can sometimes save a life , to contribute to solving a complex problem or someone much easier existence.

Such devices are also useful in many companies , improving logistics and planning process to create trading strategies . It turns out that today’s market offers a lot of interesting , free and at the same time effective solutions that are extremely attractive alternative to commercial products , often paid that exceed the capabilities of our modest budget. It remains only to look good and enjoy the use of the latest technology, widely used in mobile phones available today .

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