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Today, it is believed that the use of public transport is cheap, comfortable and not cause as much of such damages to the environment. This is caused by the large impoverishment of society in recent years, but sees mostly economic benefits from the use of such means of transport. Today there are many concepts for innovative solutions to public transport. Departs from the standard combustion vehicles (buses) because was noticed danger posed by the large amount of harmful substances emitted by such vehicles.

 A short history and a few interesting facts about the trams

Tram, as well as railways, owes its existence to the one who noticed that the horse that pulls the car easier, the substrate is harder, such as metal. Rails – was still rather two metal strips curl to the sides – appeared for the first time on the streets of New York. So began the era of horse tram, which lasted more than half a century, although few of oat-powered trams survived until the late 30th of this century, the last horse trails urban eliminated in Germany (in Stadthagen) and France (in Realmont) in the year 1933, and the original, “rural” horse tram on the German island of Spiekeroog plied until 1949. Horse tram was the progress towards the omnibus, but also connect to some drawbacks. In a rapidly enlarging industrial cities the nineteenth century cars were too limited in range and moving too low speed. The difficulty was to overcome every single hill. To ensure continuous movement should keep an average of 8-11 horses for one car tram, in the larger cities made ​​a huge herd. Only one of several London companies tram North Metropolitan, feeding in the 90s the last century, seven thousand two hundred animals. And on the east coast of the United States occurred in 1873, that a sudden epidemic has struck thousands of horses that immobilized the tram network and complicated life in many centers. All this forced to look for more efficient power sources. Navigate the streets trams were subordinated to the principle of local traffic organization. In England, for example, force rail vehicles drive on the left. It was the same even in Czechoslovakia in the interwar years which was the legacy of the Austria-Hungary. A long time changing operation in preparation for right-hand traffic finally carried out on 26 March 1939, 11 days after the German invasion on their categorical command, occupiers, coped badly because of driving on the left. In Prague, the change was causing traffic congestion tram, because a great part of the carriages had access only to the left. Evolution of rail vehicles durable for many years and designers took some time to develop a machine similar to those used today.

 Simplified communication tunneling

Today, designers are trying to make in the development of newer and newer concepts of public transport based on standard technologies. There are many reasons for looking for new solutions. One of the most important is the aforementioned concern for the environment. There is also the problem of space in cities. Known that bus and tram lanes for buses occupy a significant part of the street. This causes a lot of problems relating to road transport, including traffic problems. There are constantly looking for new solutions that will ensure a quick and safe journey for passengers, shall not occupy a large space, installation costs would be relatively low and the drive ecological, economical and non-polluting environment. One such concept is the public transport network, developed by a group of scientists from the United states. It is based on the use of small carriages, with a maximum diameter of about 100 centimeters. These wagons would have the shape of a cylinder with mounted seats. Passengers were in the middle in a reclining position, and stepping inside would be performed by opening the top of the wagon tailgate. In the center provides adequate lighting and air conditioning, monitoring and alarming system of the potential dangers and, if necessary, stop the whole squad. Wagons would be combined in compositions of approximately 20 pieces. Their drive would be a special network of small engines located in remote controlled unit conducting. The whole will be moved about in a specially hollowed tunnels whose network encircles the entire city. Stops for this specific rail network would consist of small boxes placed logistically throughout the city, neighboring the existing stops or providing a completely new arrangement. It’s an interesting proposition, especially due to the small size of the vehicle and traffic reduction, because the whole squad would be moving underground. But there are many reasons why this concept may never see the equivalent in the form of a suitable vehicle or even a prototype. A part of the passengers might feel uncomfortable in the middle of the vehicle with such a small area. Some probably do not want to get in, for example because of claustrophobia. The problem is the fact that for such an installation would have to be drilled a substantial amount of tunnels. The length, which would have to be reached, would cause a considerable increase in costs. Although in comparison with, for example, subway tunnel area would be several times smaller (due to the small diameter of the vehicle). There remains the question of security – there is no clear answer to this, as would be solved. Probably would have to be constructed network of special manholes safety. Considering the size of carriages, evacuation caused a lot of problems. You could also use a special set of emergency engines, which in case of emergency towing threatened parts of the composition of the danger zone.

Concept of mini tunnels

 Transportation in mountain villages

Another concept, much more simple and does not require until such expenditure, has been developed for towns and villages located in mountainous areas. The idea is very simple. Now, with several sites located above the low places, applied to a kind of indoor slides consisting of two lanes. At one lane would be located just smooth, polished surface for easy downhill from points situated above the low places. The second belt, a little more advanced, would be equipped with simple lines and blocks system operating on a similar principle as the ski lift. This way of traveling between the villages where there is a significant height difference really facilitate the life of the inhabitants. Of course it is to consider in this topic many issues regarding safety, for example. Does not know how to end up using the system with too much traffic. This could result in a large number of collisions in such a primitive downhill lane. Another difficult issue is the question of maintenance. It is not known how often such a system would require repair and maintenance. It could be that the number of hours servicing almost completely prevents the use of this device or generates costs that smaller towns and villages are not able to cover.

 Transportation gondola

An interesting idea to improve the urban transport is to build a network of interconnected pillars of adequate thickness and strength of the rope . On these ropes placed by gondolas , similar to those used on the ski slopes . The propulsion system would be based on economic and efficient engines also powered by solar energy. Such a solution would provide free up space , of course, in favor of the traveling standard methods – cars, trucks or two-wheelers . By using rope routes of these vehicles could roll where there is already another route – over her. This would result in a significant shortening of the current routes and thus reduce the time of travel. This would probably also increase tourism values ​​of the city. With the nacelles not only be able to get from place to place, but also admire the panorama of the city. It is true that the very high altitude , but it always gives us a view of the greater part of the buildings than when traveling by conventional means of transportation.

 Air Taxi

Today, the term ” air taxi ” works only for small planes or helicopters rented for longer routes . The concept of air taxi in the form of small vehicles permitting the movement of more numerous people in a cramped city is developed for a long time , but unfortunately continues to stand in the place . This is due to insufficiently developed technology used in drives air vehicles . Such a vehicle would have to be very creative, achieved speed could not exceed a certain limit , the engine could not generate noise of high intensity and be small enough to mount it in this type of vehicle at all made ​​sense . It seems that it was the invention of some kind of antigravity or even revolutionary engine propeller on an incredibly favorable characteristics , we have to stick to more traditional solutions , and air travel deals to leave on longer routes.

 Movable platform for pedestrians

 The intensity of pedestrians in areas where there is often a lot of traffic sometimes is a problem. Often wondered how to improve the movement of people in these places. It’s about the big commercial place or shopping malls . Proposed system moving floors, which act similarly on the basis of the escalator , only horizontally . Appropriate placement of such a system would allow platforms to streamline the movement of pedestrians.

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